Tennis Titans for Windows 10


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Tennis Titans is a genre that I call animal sportówki. The theme of these programs is any kind of sport, but it has little in common with the simulation. Everything is made to the cartoon atmosphere, and that the player had no doubt as to the nature of the game, the players are all sorts of fun animals. Games of this type provide a lot of fun and can appeal to even those who are not fans of the sport. Tennis Titans as the name suggests is about tennis, and more specifically tennis. Our milusiński gets so feet racket and so it is trying to wave to score the most points. In the arena of struggle there is a lot of funny pets, that sweat running from side to side of the screen, so our movements with the mouse, which works great as a controller - a moment of practice and has no problem we send the ball exactly where you want it. The authors should be plus for the gameplay as fun really give you a lot of fun and it clutters our attention some strange combinations of buttons, etc. Everything is in perfect order. Nicely zanimowane pets, dressed in a colorful, cartoon graphic design, and embellished with pleasing to the ear sounds arouse sympathy of every player, and thanks to niewysokiemu level of difficulty even younger players will have no problem with winning the early battles.  Minimum Requirements:  Processor: 750 MHz  RAM: 256 MB  Graphics card: not available  Free hard disk space: not available  Sound Card: no data